115 VETThere are so many different dog breeds in this world. Many owners prefer purebred dogs. Since many breeds are now mixed, many people have questions about their needs. Here at NAME, we specialize in every type of breed out there.

Our list of different types of dogs could go on for pages. In addition to having characteristic breed features, your dog may still be different than other dogs of the same breed. For example, a Labrador can be three different colors, but all Labradors may have different character traits. Many smaller dogs share similar traits that are different than larger dogs.

We love helping your furry friend regardless of what breed they are. Our trusted staff is qualified to help with your dog, no matter what breed he or she is or even if you are not 100% sure what breed he or she is.

Originally, dogs were bred for function rather than to be your best friend. They served their purpose by guarding, herding, and hunting. Although your dog may do these things with you, today dogs are typically thought of more as being part of the family.

If you have questions regarding your dog’s breed, what you can expect from the breed of your dog, or simply what type of breed would be a good fit for your family and its needs, contact us today at (562) 427-2889.