Ambassador Long Beach Veterinary Hospital is proud to offer oxygen transfusion services.

Oxygen transfusions are used for various medical conditions to replace lost components of the blood.

We provide oxygen transfusion only if the animal is stable enough or does not have chronic signs of anemia. Otherwise the service would put the animal in too much danger. We ensure that your pet is properly cared for during this process.

Safely giving an oxygen transfusion requires a skilled and experienced staff. We pride ourselves on having a team that is up to date with all of the latest procedures and technology. It is important to us that you feel confident and comfortable with the knowledge that your pet’s veterinarian is taking great care of your pet.

Oxygen transfusions can be critical, lifesaving procedures in many cases. We are ready at all times to give our patients an oxygen transfusion if required.

If you have any questions about oxygen transfusion and how it can help your pet, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (562) 427-2889.