Preventative medicine is important when our pets are young, but as our pets age, and become prone to certain disease processes, annual exams and blood work become even more critical.

Annual exams and blood work to check liver and kidney values, along with thyroid function have the potential to alert us to early changes that may give us valuable information about your pet’s health. We understand the changes your pet will have as they become older, and we also know the importance of keeping your pet healthy as they enter their golden years.

Pets grow in age just as people do, and the length and quality of life are very important. Today, our pets are living longer lives due to advances in modern veterinary care, vaccinations, dental health care, and improved nutrition. But with age comes an increased risk for the same diseases that older humans experience: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney and liver disease, arthritis and certain hormonal disease are common. The best way to deal with this problems successfully is through early diagnosis and prompt treatment. Geriatric testing helps establish baseline values and identify problems early, rather than waiting for obvious signs of disease.

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