Image00075Here at Ambassador Long Beach Veterinary Hospital, it is our goal to help your dog with arthritis.

Arthritis is really common in dogs. As they age, they may start to have trouble getting up and around. The condition can also be quite painful so we are dedicated to helping your pet have a comfortable life.

There are a lot of options when your dog has arthritis. A single medication may help while others take several medications a day. Our entire staff will help you decide what the best course of action would be with an arthritic dog.

The best way that you can help your arthritic dog is to help him or her lose weight. The less weight that your dog carries around, the easier it will be on his or her joints. Most arthritic patients get started on glucosamine supplements. These are very safe and effective, though it may take a few weeks to see any results.

There are also foods full of glucosamine that can help. Some pets are so painful that they require NSAIDs and pain medication so that they can move around well. There are also injectable medications which can be quite helpful for arthritic dogs. Together, we can decide how you want to proceed with your dog. We can always increase medications as necessary.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at (562) 427-2889 if you have any questions about arthritis and how we can help your dog.